Live a LSee Life

Your neighbor, friend or colleague has better sports results ?

His diet doesn’t seem to work on you ?

This blog was made for you!



Enter to learn why and how to adapt your efforts to your metabolism !

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Our team (scientists and passionate researchers) will shed light on the most common myths in sport and nutrition fields, dividing the scientific facts from the rash fiction.


We are not all equals…

The physical differences between two persons are the result of genetic differences, but also environmental differences (diet, stress, sport…). The mix of these different factors will modulate our metabolism (scary word to express the way our cells work). See more.


… but we all do the same

We do are different, but we all follow the same advice, especially when it comes to diet and sports.

The new trends often come from serious scientific studies but take seldom into account our individual particularities. (See more)


What if we were interested in YOU ?

When your efforts to lose weight or to be thiner are fruitless, you’re disheartened and you lose your drive.

In this blog, you’ll be explained why it is important to know yourself better and how to adapt your efforts to your metabolism!

Your goals are personal as much as your metabolism is unique. To reach them, it is essential to customize your diet and your training.