Weight loss or muscle gain, is egg a perfect food choice?

Many coaches advise eating eggs in order to lose weight or gain muscle.

On paper, eggs seem ideal: with a low calorie intake[1], they have a good satiating power and their high vitamin content could prevent you from having vitamin deficiency[2].

Moreover, their protein content is considered as perfect by the world health organization[3].

Perfect food choice for weight loss? It is not what we can read everywhere.


Egg yolks have long been demonized…

eggs weight loss gain muscles

« Eating egg yolks is as dangerous as smoking a cigarette ! »…That is what you could read in media campaigns as we used to be told egg yolks are unhealthy. Why so? Because they contain a lot of cholesterol. Does that mean you should avoid eating egg yolks entirely?

Just a little reminder about cholesterol: if it is often considered as an enemy, don’t forget cholesterol plays several crucial roles in your organism: it is part of cell membranes and participates in the production of steroid and sex hormones and also of vitamin D. But regulation of cholesterol is complicated, it depends on your genetics and on your food intake. An excess of cholesterol can cause plaque to build up in your arteries. That is the reason why cholesterol can put you at risk.

A 60 g egg contains about 220 mg of cholesterol, which is more than half of the recommended daily allowance (300 mg). Eating egg yolks would thus inevitably increase blood cholesterol levels. It is quite easy to understand why their consumption has long been discouraged.

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However, the reputation of egg yolks has changed…

New studies show that even people susceptible to coronary diseases can eat up to two eggs per day without increasing their risks[5].

Let’s try to understand this turn of events: about 75% of your cholesterol is produced by your organism (mainly by your liver and your intestine); which means dietary cholesterol accounts for about 25%[6]. Eating egg yolks would thus have very little impact on blood cholesterol[7].

Advice about eating eggs has totally changed in recent years. Will there be another turn of events in the next few years?


All in all, how many eggs can we eat per week?

Opinions differ a lot, depending on sources, it can be 2 eggs per week or 2 eggs per day. There is no universal answer because it also depends on the rest of your food intake and your lifestyle. This is precisely why it is difficult to study the impact of one particular food on the organism: it is so complicated to isolate one product from the rest of your food intake.

So it seems that egg yolks have been cleared but future studies may reveal an unexpected downside.

How about you? Have you noticed good or bad effects from eating eggs? Feel free to comment on this article and share your own experience!



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